Reminder Notice of DHARA 62nd Annual Meeting
Wednesday February 7, 2018 ▪ 7:00 pm
At the DHARA Community House

DHARA's Annual Meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at the DHARA Community House, 6000 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia. Please mark the date and plan on attending as DHARA values your input–and we require a quorum (of 30 memberships) to hold and conduct business at the meeting. The meeting will not be lengthy, but we will elect Board members, finalize the budget, discuss issues and make plans for the upcoming season–so please attend!

The Annual Meeting information packet has been mailed to all members of record. Copies of the packet may be obtained here.

Be sure to take time and make arrangements to participate fully in this important meeting. Please contact Scott Tate, DHARA President, at with any questions. We look forward to seeing you on February 7, 2018 at 7:00p.m.

A Brief History of DHARA

In 1985, DHARA members Brad Billings and Sam Gaines co-wrote a paper detailing the fascinating history of DHARA's property with an emphasis on the significance of the spring located behind the pool. If you are a history buff or just want to know a bit more about the very special place DHARA members are so fortunate to enjoy, an updated copy of the paper may be obtained here.

Notice of DHARA 62nd Annual Meeting
Wednesday February 7, 2018 ▪ 7:00 pm
At the DHARA Community House

DHARA's Annual Meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. at the DHARA Community House, 6000 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia. Please mark the date and plan on attending as DHARA values your input–and we require a quorum (of 30 memberships) to hold and conduct business at the meeting. The meeting will not be lengthy, but we will elect Board members, finalize the budget, discuss issues and make plans for the upcoming season–so please attend!

The Annual Meeting information packet has been mailed to all members of record. Copies of the packet may be obtained here.

Be sure to take time and make arrangements to participate fully in this important meeting. Please contact Scott Tate, DHARA President, at with any questions. We look forward to seeing you on February 7, 2018 at 7:00p.m.

Notice of Special Meeting
Thursday December 7, 2017 ▪ 7:30 pm
At the DHARA Community House

A special membership meeting will be held on Thursday, December 7, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. at the DHARA Community House, 6000 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia.

More than 25 members of the Dominion Hills Area Recreation Association (“DHARA”) requested in writing a special membership meeting to vote on a proposed amendment to the Bylaws. Pursuant to the Bylaws, Article VII, Sections 2 and 3, the Secretary of the Board of Directors hereby provides notice of the special membership meeting and a ballot.

At the special membership meeting, the membership 
will vote on the following question:

Should the DHARA Bylaws be amended, effective January 1, 2018, to add a new Section 6 to Article V “Board of Directors” to read as follows:

"Sec. 6. No member of the Association shall be eligible for appointment or election to the Board of Directors if the member has already served four (4) or more full or partial terms on the Board of Directors. These terms may be consecutive or non-consecutive. Appointment or election to an unexpired term shall count as service of a full regular term for the purposes of calculating this term limit. This Section 6 may be repealed or amended only by a vote of the members held pursuant to Article VIII of these Bylaws".

The Board takes no position for or against the proposed amendment.

If the proposal is adopted as written, over the next two years, the following Board members will be disallowed from serving on the Board: Rich Engel, Brice Henderson, Melissa Martin, Scott Tate and Wayne Vincent.

A special meeting packet containing voting information and a ballot has been sent first class mail to all DHARA members.

Members are welcomed to reach out to individual Board members with their questions and concerns about the immediate and long-term effects of the proposed amendment. Board members may be contacted by visiting here..

All DHARA members are urged to attend this important meeting and actively participate in the process of determining the future of DHARA's leadership.

Capital Projects Update

The Board of Directors would like to make DHARA members aware of two significant capital projects we are currently researching and hope to execute in CY’18.

The first project is removal of the aging wooden fire escape located over the entryway leading to the upper pool deck. The stairway will be replaced by a new egress and ADA compliant patio walkway at the front of the Community House. The second project is to fully renovate the men’s and women’s bathrooms to resolve significant drainage and ventilation issues and improve aethetics.

We believe both projects are necessary to improve the safety and overall usability of the facility.

The Board has engaged an architecture firm to provide preliminary design ideas and cost estimates. We are also exploring financing options. Our discovery effort is still in progress.

Upon completion of our analysis, the results will be shared with the membership for their review and input. To ensure every member has the opportunity to respond with comments and feedback, a special membership meeting dedicated solely to this topic is being planned to be held before the end of the year. To maximize attendance at the meeting and encourage participation in this important matter the membership will be given 30 days prior notice of the special meeting date.

DHARA Board of Directors

Thank You, DHARA Member Volunteers and Employees!

On behalf of the DHARA membership, the Board of Directors would like to express its deep appreciation and gratitude to everyone who helped to make the 2017 summer season safe and enjoyable for all DHARA members and guests.

Extensive year-round preparation and planning is required to operate and maintain the pool, but no plan could succeed without the tireless efforts of DHARA's member volunteers and employees. It is due to their commitment and dedication that all DHARA members and guests have been so fortunate to enjoy a delightful summer of sparkling water, refreshing green space and friendly ambience.

DHARA extends its sincere thanks to Pool and Resident Manager John Aldonas, Membership Recorder Julie Jernigan, and to all of DHARA's seasonal employees (many of whom are DHARA members) comprising the Aquatics Staff including assistant managers, lifeguards, swim lesson instructors, swim and dive team coaches and assistant coaches, and front desk workers.

DHARA especially appreciates all of its member volunteers whose efforts support the Water Sports Programs, represent the swim and dive team, host events, maintain the facility, beautify the grounds and shoulder the countless tasks necessary to the successful operation of the pool.

Your Child Can Enjoy Swimming Year-Round! Join DHARA's Winter Swim Program

DHARA’s Winter Swim Program offers weekly instructional and developmental sessions designed to keep kids in the water during the winter months. All DHARA member children, ages 4 and older are welcome. Participants must be comfortable in the water, are able to swim with their face in the water and have some knowledge of basic freestyle stroke and breathing mechanics. Sessions are available for younger swimmers who have not passed the DHARA swim test and/or cannot swim a single length of the pool without stopping.

DHARA’s team of experienced, dedicated instructors emphasize fundamental skills and stroke development instruction for all swimmers as well as improving the skills required for competitive and recreational lap swimming including starts, strokes, and turns.

Sessions are held Sunday evenings at Washington-Lee High School pool beginning October 15, 2017 through May 6, 2018. To register your child or for detailed information please download the Winter Swim Program Packet. For the safety of our swimmers class size will be limited for various age groups/ability levels so please register early. Registration closes October 1.

All DHARA Members and Guests are Welcome to Attend the 26th Annual Family Camp Out

▪ Saturday, September 16, 2017 from 7 p.m. through 9 a.m. Sunday morning
▪ $3.00 per camper at Sign-Up
▪ Deadline for Sign-Up: Noon Saturday, September 16, at the Bath-House Front Desk

Open to all DHARA members and guests! Bring your own tents at no charge, sleeping bags/blankets/air mattresses, marshmallow roasting sticks, bug spray and other camping gear. Tents may be set up anytime Saturday afternoon on the old Indian campgrounds on the back lawn near and across from the spring stream.

The pool will be open to campers until 9 P.M. Saturday night and again on Sunday morning after breakfast from 8 until 9 or 10 A.M. Saturday evening activities will include: campfire, marshmallow roasting (s'mores!), and maybe stories, songs and games; treats and drinks provided by DHARA. Sunday morning activities: cookout breakfast of blueberry pancakes, eggs & bacon/sausage, bagels, muffins, juice, coffee/tea, etc. around 7 A.M., followed by a morning swim.

DHARA Board Members Brice Henderson and Rich Engel are the sponsors and organizers of this event with others helping. They are requesting HELP with the event so that all of the aforementioned events can take place. Helpers are needed for: 1. Shopping for groceries and supplies at BJ's, Costco, and/or Shoppers on early Saturday afternoon (after the number of campers for marshmallow roast and breakfast are determined from Sign Up sheets); 2. Wood gathering, fire-building, stick-whittling; 3. Organizing stories, songs and games; and 4. Moving supplies and equipment (food, trash cans, coolers, grill, etc.) to and from the campgrounds on late Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Those willing to help are asked to contact Brice by e-mail or at 703-533-0231, or contact Rich Engel by e-mail or at 703-276-7299. Thank you, Campers!

Labor Day BBQ and Fall Season Hours of Operation

All DH members and guests are welcome to attend the Annual Labor Day BBQ on Monday September 4, from 12-2 pm. Pool hours of operation for Labor Day and the month of September:

Pool Hours of Operation–September 4-24, 2017
September 4
Labor Day
NO Early Bird
11 am-7 pm
Family BBQ 12-2 pm
September 5 through
September 23
Monday to Thursday 4-7pm
Friday September 8 4-9 pm
Friday September 15 & 22, 4-8pm
Saturdays 11am-7pm
Sundays 1-6pm
Early Bird Monday-Friday 6-7 pm
Adult SwimTuesdays & Thursdays 7-8 pm
September 24
Closing Day
1-6 pm

Your Copy of DHARA's 2017 Directory of Membership is Waiting for You

image of DH Directory coverThe 2017 DHARA Directory of Membership is now available. An email with the subject line "DHARA Membership Directory 2017" was sent June 28th to all members of record containing easy-to-follow instructions to download a copy of the Directory in PDF format to your computer or mobile device for viewing and printing.

If you did not receive the email or have any questions please contact Julie Jernigan, the DHARA Membership Recorder.

Welcome to the 62nd Summer of Fun at DH!

Unpack the goggles and swimsuits! DHARA's 62nd season begins with the opening of the pool on Saturday, May 13th at 10am. Don't let the brief spell of brisk weather prevent you from enjoying a swim–the pool heaters are keeping the water warmed to a balmy 81 degrees! Manager John and the aquatics staff have been tirelessly working to be sure you and your family will enjoy a safe and relaxing summer at the pool. Hours of operation through June 23rd are:

Monday-Thursday 3pm-7pm ▪ Friday 3pm-9pm
Saturday 10am-9pm ▪ Sunday 11am-8pm
Please see the Calendar of Events for holiday Hours of Operation

Find Your Favorite Summer Pool Events! For information on current and upcoming pool events you may:

▪ Download or view the Calendar of Events.
▪ Today's events are listed under "Today at the Pool" appearing at the top left of this page.
▪ For ONLY DHARA Warrior Swim Team and Dive Team events and information visit the Swim team page or Dive team page.
▪ Coming soon! Reminders of scheduled events will soon be posted on Facebook and Twitter.

We look forward to welcoming all new and existing members and guests to another summer of fun at DHARA!

Registration for Swim Lessons has Begun

DHARA's Swim Lesson Program will help your child enjoy the water and stay safe. All lessons are are taught by experienced, dedicated instructors and are available for a variety of ages and skill levels. All Sessions are held within a two week period and include eight 30-minute classes. Enrollment is strictly limited, so please register early! You may choose among four Sessions:

DHARA Swim Lesson Program 2017
Session 1 May 30-June 2, June 5-8, 4:30-7:00pm
Session 2 June 12-15, June 19-22, 4:30-7:00pm
Session 3June 26-29, July 3-7 (no class July 4), 10:00am-12:30pm
Session 4July 10-13 & July 17-20, 10:00am-12:30pm
Registration for each Session closes one week prior to the date of the first lesson.

Registration and payment must be submitted by mail. Please review carefully and complete the Swim Lesson Registration Form and the Placement Agreement included in the Swim Lesson Information Packet. Please send the completed forms accompanied by a check payable to “DHARA” to:

DHARA Swim Lesson Program
6000 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22205
Att: DH Swim Lessons

For questions or more information please see the Swim Lesson Information Packet.

Dominion Hills 2017 Swim Team and Dive Team Registration is Now Open!

The swim and dive teams compete in the Northern Virginia Swim League with practices beginning in late May and competition through the first week in August.

The teams provide kids up to age 18 with an amazing experience that includes:

▪ friendly spirited competition
▪ skill development
▪ new friendships
▪ a sense of team and community spirit

It's also just a lot of fun for all involved (parents included)!

For questions or more information about the swim and dive team, please visit the Swim and Dive Swimtopia website . You can also receive more information and meet the swim team and dive team representatives at the parent meetings on May 13. The swim team meeting will be held from 9am-10am, with the dive team meeting immediately following from 10am-11am. We look forward to seeing you!

DH 2017 Board of Directors

Results of the 2017 election for DH Board of Directors are as follows:

Newly elected: Genna Gent, Maryjane Klingelhofer

Re-elected: Scott Christensen, Rich Engel, Steve Nix

Sitting: Mike Berecz, Brice Henderson, Dennis LeNard, Matt Long, Melissa Martin, Michael McMahon, Stve Nix, Jennifer Smith, Julie Smith, Scott Tate, Wayne Vincent

More information regarding the Board of Directors can be found here.

Last Dominion Hills Movie Night of 2016!

Open to all DH members and guests! Get Ready For Halloween and join us for a showing of Ghostbusters, Saturday, September 24 at 7:30 pm. Bring your own blanket and chairs.

We look forward to seeing you!

Ashlawn Back To School Night Parking

Dear DHARA members:

DHARA parking lots will be open and available this evening, Wednesday, September 14, for all parents attending Ashlawn's Back to School Night.

Please note there is no parking permitted in the two parking spots reserved for the Manager. Any unauthorized vehicles occupying those spots will be towed.

DHARA Board of Directors

Text Alert Notifications for Emergencies and Pool Closures

DHARA is offering to its members a text alert service for pool closures and emergency notifications. The service, RainedOut, might be familiar to you, because it is used by local sports clubs.

To begin receiving alerts text DHARA to 84483 or click on this link. Enter your 10 digit phone number (without hyphens or parentheses), check that you agree with the terms of service (assuming you do), and click "start signup." A text message will be sent to your phone from 844-83 with a 4 digit validation code. Enter that validation code on the website you were just using to enter information, because a box should appear on the website asking for your validation code.

You may be charged by your carrier the normal charge for receiving a text, but there is no other cost.

The service will only notify you about pool closures. You cannot send messages to DHARA using this service.

DHARA will use text messages in limited circumstances to notify members of a pool closure. A message will be sent only after DHARA staff have assured the safety of the members already at the pool. That means you may not receive a message the moment a decision has been made to close the pool due to weather or some other event.

DHARA is not responsible for any inconvenience caused by receiving a delayed message. As always, members expecting to visit the pool on a day when weather could close the pool are encouraged to monitor local weather reports and plan their schedule accordingly.

Please try out this service and give us your feedback about how well it is working.

Enroll your child in the Dh Swim Lesson Program

DHARA Swim Lesson Program registration has begun. The program is designed to help children ages 3+ become more comfortable in the water and learn efficient swimming skills.

All lessons are are taught by experienced, dedicated instructors. Lessons are available for a variety of ages and skill levels.

The program is divided into four sessions, each held within a two week period. Each session includes eight 30-minute classes. Session one begins Tuesday May 31.

Registration forms are included in the DH Swim Lesson Information Packet 2016

Please review the entire packet before submitting your registration.

If you have a question, please contact Krisztina Kovacs, DH Swim Program Coordinator.

Host your next party or meeting at the DH Community House!

The DH Community House is the perfect location to hold a reception, birthday or anniversary party, business meeting, fantasy sports draft, or other function.

The DH Community House features a charming and versatile space that includes a Great Room with fireplace, a full kitchen and plenty of extra tables and chairs.

The member rates are extremely reasonable and making a reservation is quick and convenient.

2016 Member Rates
Up to 25 People $80 + $150 deposit
Up to 50 People $150 + $200 deposit

51 to 80 People $250 + $300 deposit
Weddings and receptions $350 + $350 deposit
Additional Vendors $50 each
Additional Hours $50 each

If you have not yet had the opportunity to see the Community House, please take a peek inside the next time you visit the pool.

For more information or to schedule a reservation visit the DH Rentals Page. Non-Member rates available but slightly more expensive.

DH Guest Passes Offer Convenience at a Great Price

image of DH Guest PassesDH Guest Passes are the perfect way for DH members to bring guests to the pool without the hassle of using cash.

Choose the 10-visit Guest Pass if you plan to treat one or more occasional guests to a day at the pool, or the 7-Day Pass if you are hosting an out-of-town visitor.

Passes are available for purchase throughout the season at the Front Desk. Available to DH members only.

2016 DHARA Board of Directors Election Results

The 2016 Board of Directors election was held during the 60th Annual Meeting on February 3, 2016.

DH welcomes two new Board members: Michael Berecz and Michael McMahon

Three sitting Board members were re-elected: Brice Henderson, Julie Smith and Scott Tate.

Sitting Board members include: Scott Christensen, Rich Engel, Zack Fraser, Dennis LeNard, Matt Long, Melissa Martin, Steve Nix, Elinor Schwartz, Jennifer Smith, Wayne Vincent.

Message from Our Pool Manager

The following is an important notice from John Aldonas, DHARA Pool Manager.

I hope you are all enjoying the summer fun at the pool and will attend some of our social events this year. I am particularly looking forward to the Adult BBQ Party in July, yum!

This is just one of several new things this year. Recently, we have had a problem with non-members and unpaid guests entering the pool. To address this issue, protect the pool, and make it fair to our paying membership, I have started a new policy concerning the handicap and stroller entrance at the back gate. The policy is that everyone entering through the back gate must check in at the front desk first where a dated pass will be issued. This dated pass will admit any members or guests accompanied by members into the pool via the back gate. If you approach the back entrance without a dated pass than you will not be let in and you will be sent to the front desk to check in. All passes will be collected. If you need a special accommodation please let the back gate guard know so the manager on duty can assist you.

Whenever you enter the pool, even if it is on the same day, you are required to check in. I cannot expect any of my staff to remember who came in previously. We have 500 group memberships, which makes it hard to keep track of.

I believe that this policy will decrease the amount of people that have taken advantage of our good faith policy of previous years by utilizing the pool.

Another new change coming soon is picture-taking at the front desk. Once trained, the desk workers will be taking pictures of people for the check in system to ensure that no one uses your identity here at the pool. We will be asking all members to update their photo for the computer system. I also encourage all members to get a key tag and learn their membership number to assist in the identification process.

When checking in, please only check in those members that are present at the pool, so that we can have accurate data on use of the facility.

If you have questions about any of the new policies you can ask the manager on duty or myself. I am more than happy to explain the changes to you. My most important goal is to have a safe and secure pool for all members. I hope the rest of your summer is enjoyable, and I will see you at the pool.

John Aldonas
Manager DHARA